Bookery is Lincoln School PTA’s monthly “pop up” book store. Students can bring books from home to swap for new-to-them books, or purchase books for $.50. Bookery happens at school, during school hours, once a month on Friday. Each classroom has 15 minutes to browse and choose titles of their liking.

The purpose of Bookery is to help kids develop and maintain a love of reading by giving them the opportunity to buy books for themselves, expose them to new titles, and allow them the fun of choosing age-appropriate books on their own.

For more information or to volunteer, send an email to

To see the dates for Bookery, please visit the Lincoln School PTA Calendar.

Add Funds To Your Child’s Bookery Account

You can add money to your child’s account by sending cash, check, or by using the paypal button below. Please, include your Child’s name, Grade, and Teachers name during checkout. You can also let us know how to split the amount for multiple children. Payments must be placed the Monday before Bookery. Email for balance inquires.