History of Lincoln School


The photo above is from a book called “Postcard History Series – Evanston” – it shows a photo of Lincoln School (built in 1895-1896) before it was demolished in 1968 and replaced with a new building. The arch from the original structure was rediscovered when the building was renovated in 2012; the arch was incorporated into the final design and is one of the first things you see when you enter the school (see the renovation photos below).


Fun fact: Do you recognize the Lincoln student seated in the bottom right corner in this class picture taken in 1936? He used to live at 1044 Judson Avenue and was known as Buddy. If you guessed Marlon Brando…you’re right!

From 1968 – 2010, Lincoln Elementary looked like this:


The school’s library window had a very 70s style “bubble” window with a paper mache dolphin (Lincoln’s mascot) hanging in it that one of the Lincoln classes had made.

Lincoln’s population grew a lot starting around 2007-2008. From May to August in 2012, Lincoln underwent a major renovation to add four new classrooms, redesign the front entrance to make it more secure, and add a multi-purpose room for lunch and assemblies, so students would no longer have to eat in the gymnasium. For more information on the renovation, see the Education Design Showcase description from TMP Architecture, Inc.

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After the renovation, two murals were created and installed. This professional artwork reflects Evanston’s Lee Street Beach on the Forest Street side of Lincoln and the biodiversity of the world on the Main Street side of Lincoln. Over 500 students participated in creating elements of this large permanent ceramic and glass mosaic mural and even helped install it. For more information on the murals, see the Lincoln Mural Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Lincoln-School-Lakescape-Biodiversity-Murals-163252960518661/

To read more about the renovation and the murals, see this article in The Evanston RoundTable.


The renovation was beautiful, but to address drainage issues, Lincoln’s field was turned into a rain water retention area that left it unusable after heavy rains and unsafe during icy times of the year.

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In 2016, the field was leveled so it is now once again useable space for playing and a beautiful track was installed, adding a wonderful and much-needed open play and exercise space to our school.

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In 2016, Lincoln School worked with students, parents, teachers and staff to create a mission statement representing our school. The mission statement is proudly displayed near the new field: