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What We Do
The Lincoln School PTA’s purpose is to foster every child’s potential in pursuit of excellence through engaging our families, community and school resources.

We coordinate and sponsor many in-school and extracurricular activities and events. Volunteers work together to help make these things possible. Our community of teachers, staff, parents, caregivers and students all contribute to Lincoln’s fun, vibrant, learning community. Contact us at lincolnschoolpta@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

New (1)Volunteer Opportunities for the 2017 – 2018 School Year
For more details on volunteer opportunities available, as well as the time commitments and skills needed for different positions click here. Contact lincolnschoolpta@gmail.com to learn more about these positions or to volunteer.

PTA Membership
Please join us in whatever way you can! Anyone associated with Lincoln can be a PTA member! The cost is reasonable:

  • $30 per Lincoln family per year
  • $10 per year for families whose students receive reduced-price lunch
  • Free for families receiving free lunch
  • $15 per year for teachers
  • $30 per year for friends of Lincoln – outside the Lincoln community
    >>  Click Here to Become a Member

2016-2017 (Current) Board Members & Committees:

Title Name Contact Information
Presidents Vacant
Yancey Hughes yancey28@gmail.com
Vice Presidents Dawn Koenigsknecht dawndk13@gmail.com
Jeanne Noone jeanne.noone@gmail.com
Treasurer, Budget Kay Israelite kayisraelite@yahoo.com
Treasurer, Accounts Alex Pafilis apafilis@yahoo.com
Treasurer in Training, Accounts
Secretary Corrine Fisher corrinefisher@gmail.com
Secretary, Membership Kelly Hardin thechicagohardins@me.com
Communications (TWAL)
Amy Culberg aculberg007@gmail.com
Lori Martin-Beauchamp lorimb@home-chicago.com
 Communications (FB, Website) Nimisha Joshi nimisha245@gmail.com
Teacher Representatives Peggy Lukas lukasp@district65.net
Maeve Kanaley kanaleym@district65.net
Sara Herford herfords@district65.net
Laura Zeigler zeiglerl@district65.net
Room Parents Stephanie Hughes stephaniejhughes@hotmail.com
Welcome/Summer Playdates – ELL OPEN
Welcome/Summer Playdates – 1-5 Julie Singer julie_burstein@hotmail.com
Welcome/Summer Playdates – K Amanda Hargrove amanda.hargrove@hotmail.com
Welcome/Summer Playdates –
Corrine Fisher corrinefisher@gmail.com
Teacher Appreciation Week Jen Lehman jenmoelehman@hotmail.com
Teacher Conference Meals Yancey Hughes yancey28@gmail.com
Spirit Wear Ellen Magrini ellenmagrini@aol.com
Jennifer VanDurmen jenvandurmen@hotmail.com
Karen Backe karenbacke@gmail.com
District 65 PTA Council Rep. Kristen Harris kristen@harrisvisalaw.com
Community – COPE
(Caring Outreach by Parents
in Evanston)
Nancy Bennett nubennett@gmail.com
Community – ESCCA
(Evanston School Children’s
Clothing Association)
Lee Perlstadt l.perlstadt@yahoo.com
Garden Kelley Hughes kelleyahughes@yahoo.com
Kim Stover kimisto@sbcglobal.net
Recess Suzie McKee zuzfuzz@me.com
Wellness Committee Dawn Ravine dawnravine@gmail.com
Battle of the Books  OPEN
Cultural Arts Krista Fabian
Deb Evans moradebbie@yahoo.com
Krysten Rollins krysrollins@hotmail.com
Bookery Alice Swan aeswan@yahoo.com
Lena Kim nicelena@gmail.com
Shawn Iles shawniles@yahoo.com
After School Enrichment Cory King dellcor76@gmail.com
Patricia Lee King pleeking77@gmail.com
Dolphin Times Student Newspaper Bonnie Schindler bonnieschindler@me.com
Peter Slevin peter.d.slevin@gmail.com
Steven Holloway sphcmh@sbcglobal.net
Dolphin Times Teacher Advisor Harry Hoynes  hhoynes@district65.net
Chess Martha O’Carroll martha.ocarroll@comcast.net
Mike Klearman michael.klearman@gmail.com
Special Needs Kelly Baldrate kellybaldrate@gmail.com
Kelly Hardin thechicagohardins@me.com
Sports Drew Stover astover@brinksgilson.com
Ellen Magrini ellenmagrini@aol.com
Box Tops for Education Jill Baker Oda jillbakerbsa@gmail.com
School Supplies Kate Precht penguinsmom@gmail.com
YEA Liaison Lisa Meyerowitz lisameyerowitz@gmail.com
Northwestern Liaison Bonnie Schindler bonnieschindler@me.com
Griffin’s Tale and Mudpie Liaison Kim Stover kimisto@sbcglobal.net
International Family Fest Krista Fabian krista_fabian@hotmail.com
Corrine Fisher corrinefisher@gmail.com
Science Fair Aravinda Reddy araeee@gmail.com
Marina Gitlin marina@gitlin.ws
Science Fair Teacher Rep. Peggy Lukas lukasp@district65.net
Fall Fest Debbie Mora moradebbie@yahoo.com
Spring Benefit Rick Spurgeon rick_spurgeon@yahoo.com
Spring Benefit Host/Sign Up Parties
Paria Mirmonsef pmirmons@gmail.com
Annual Pledge Drive Laura Jeffris laurajeffris@msn.com
Back-to-School Events Yancey Hughes yancey28@gmail.com
Ice Cream Social  Kip Beasley kipbeasley@yahoo.com
Development/Foundation OPEN
Kindergarten Potluck Leslie Helmcamp lesliehelmcamp@gmail.com
Kindergarten Tea Nimisha Joshi nimisha245@gmail.com
Amy Culberg aculberg007@gmail.com
5th Grade Graduation & Yearbook
Nancy Bennett nubennett@gmail.com
Liz Hletko Elizabeth.Hletko@gmail.com
Amanda Czerniuk aczerniuk@yahoo.com
 Dawn Koenigsknecht dawndk13@gmail.com
Laura Jeffris  laurajeffris@msn.com
(Executive Team Rep.)
Kelly Hardin thechicagohardins@me.com
(K-1st Grades Parent)
(2nd – 4th Grades Parent)
Grant Writing Cory King dellcor76@gmail.com
Legal Lisa Fontura lisafontura@me.com

PTA Membership
Please join us in whatever way you can! PTA membership dues are reasonable and we hope that everyone will consider becoming a member.

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