5th Grade Yearbook & Video Club

This is a new club at Lincoln. The club will meet 1x a month in the winter/fall, and then 2x a month in the spring at 8:15AM on TUESDAYS (pls note the date change) in the Library. Kids will take the photos throughout the year, work on content, layout & cover design and project management.  If you have any questions,  email Jen Lehman (jenmoelehman@hotmail.com).

Space is limited. Permission forms went home to 5th graders in the week of October 2, 2017.

Yearbook Club is in search of digital cameras.
Do you have an old digital camera gathering dust because now you can use your phone to take great photos? If you do, please consider donating it to the Yearbook club. We want to have a pool of cameras that students can check out for their assigned photos – class parties, assemblies, Lincoln Clubs & Teams.

Contact Jen Lehman (jenmoelehman@hotmail.com)